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Kirsty Usher
It’s become clear in the last few years that a well-planned, strategic Facebook campaign is one of the key areas where parties can reach and speak to their voters –...Read more
Image of different individuals with phones
Rachael Lindsay
Personalisation in digital marketing is nothing new to marketers, or consumers. It’s commonplace to see name data and basic segmentation being used to add a personal touch to activities such...Read more
Google recommended visual for intrusive interstitials
Rachel Davies
Pop Ups. Although they can be a useful aid to drive conversion, most will agree that they’re mainly an irritation. The last thing we want when browsing online is to...Read more
Signposts of social media terms
Kirsty Usher
Social media is an ever growing, ever evolving platform that’s become a crucial tool for brands to drive further reach, engagement, and sales. As some might say, “you’ve just got...Read more

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