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Anna Wilson

Meet Us Monday - Georgios Deliandreadis



Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello, George here (formally Georgios). Holding a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Informatics and after starting my career as a software developer in Greece, I am now experiencing the UK's boiling tech industry. I define myself as a down to earth person with a love for cars and robotics, having a special interest on humanoid robots.


Did you always want to work in marketing? What other jobs have you had throughout the years?

We all play our role in the marketing industry - mainly as consumer.. Working in marketing wasn’t in my plan though. I do have a familiarity with marketing plans and strategies since this is my partner’s field of study. To be more accurate and since my job is more technical, I cannot say that I work 100% in what is called marketing. My duties are to implement functionality (“business logic” in  software terms) and digital representation of the stack that is passed to me from the marketing professionals (colleagues of mine), using the most up to date programming languages, tools and techniques. So I would say that my work serves more the software science.

During my studies I had several jobs, like a cashier for a fast food chain. I recently entered my 30s, I carry three plus years of professional experience as software developer, mainly working on web technologies.


What has been your favourite piece of work to work on in the past?

It is a bit usual to say, but I am really satisfied seeing the result of my work been used by people. Even better, when that has an impact in their daily life. For all of the projects I have worked on, any stage of the procedure, from designing the technical approach up to delivery of the final solution, is my favourite one. 


If you could give some advice to anyone starting in this industry what would it be?

I think that in every field, the recipe is the same in order to meet success - keep your eyes and ears open, try to gain and digest as much information possible, get inspired, put in a lot of personal effort. Adopt the attitude of lifelong learning. Try to avoid facing the challenges from a flat perspective - think “different”.


What’s your mantra?

Let your work do the talking.


What 3 words describe you?

Discipline – focus – smiley


What do you like to do outside of work?

As a foodie, I enjoy watching Hell's Kitchen and Masterchef with my partner. Also, I read a lot of political / social science books.


Who would be at your dinner party past or present?

Aristotle - as a source of inspiration/motivation

Boris Johnson - to give us some hair styling lessons

Ricky Martin – dancing “Livin’ La Vida Loca” would help digest the food quicker (just kidding)


Tell us a joke?

How did the octopus go to the war? Well armed. 

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