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Huggies® Wipes

How to inspire parents to change


All wipes are created equal. At least that’s what parents seem to think. Most shoppers (78% to be exact) were buying whatever wipe was on offer. And with cost leading the way, store brands were having a field day.

But what if wipes brands were also guilty of assumptions? After all, every advert seemed focused around the poo clean-up, and everything looked pristine and glossy. We saw a massive opportunity on the wild side of parenting, with all its spills and chaos.

Hence our insight:

(The) reality (of wipes) isn’t picture perfect and clean. It’s messy (situations everywhere)… and messes can be fun.

Our next step was figuring how best to get the message across that we understand parents and their day-to-day experiences. The answer was right at our fingertips – quite literally.

Seeing parents sharing the crazy moments of their little ones on social media left right and centre, we knew what we had to do.

It was time to encourage our parents to go out there and challenge Huggies Wipes.

That meant asking our parents and little ones to have all the messy fun they could possibly want – and then let Huggies Wipes prove itself up to the test by dealing with the rest. And with that, “Challenge Your Wipes” was born.

Work in Progress

We directed people to our competition home and encouraged them to share their wonderful moments with thousands of other parents – and meanwhile got to show off the power of Huggies Wipes.

Here’s a quick step-by-step of how it went from idea to full-fledged fun campaign.

Case study image

The Finale

As a result, Huggies Wipes became the brand that got the messy reality of shoppers’ lives. Beyond just price, here was a wipe that understood them on a deeper level. As for making a difference in the wipes aisle, the proof is in the numbers.


The bottom line

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