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Making Magners Dark Fruit shine bright in bar


Turns out, the idea of a dark fruit cider wasn’t a dark horse at all. It was a new favourite, rising fast in popularity…  Magners came to Multiply with the task of creating a campaign look and feel for the on trade launch.

We started by finding out more about who our drinkers were. Through consumer research, we pinpointed a profile: 18-24, lower personal income, and twice as likely to spend an evening at the pub. Armed with that information, the next question was:

“How to differentiate Magners Dark Fruit from its main competitor, and stand out as something unique?”

We opted to do so through mystery, and the interplay of light and darkness. Not only would this be visually appealing, it would also create a sense of wonder for people seeing it for the first time.

Work in Progress

We were proud to have worked on this campaign from start to finish, from the early concept stages to photography to implementation in the on trade. 

The Finale

The campaign tempted many a drinker to try out Magners Dark Fruit, proving to be an impactful introduction into the category. The cider is now in high demand, making its way into over 420 outlets, with new customers joining every day.



Brilliant creative, real stand out. Magners Dark Fruit has performed well for us to date, and is now in over 420 outlets. The support package created by Multiply went down so well we had to double the order.’

Fi Leonard, Customer Marketing Manager

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