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How to be open about a discreet subject


Bedwetting. It’s not something people like talking about. It’s tied to negative emotions like guilt, fear and embarrassment. And with so much silence, it can be a very lonely problem for parents.

They’re not as alone as they think though. 10% of children between 4-15 wet the bed. Bedwetting is just another stage in a child’s development, one that takes a little longer for some. But how to get this message across?

We started with this behavioural insight:

“Parents are embarrassed by bedwetting, and try to cover it up instead of managing it.”

In many cases, that means going back to nappies. In addition to not actually solving the problem, this can actually set back a child’s development. The lack of awareness around bedwetting also led to a lack of information about the right products.

So before telling shoppers what was great about DryNites®, we decided to open up the category itself. We would break the stigma around bedwetting, talk openly about how to manage it, and position it clearly in a retail environment. In short:

“We would tell the simple truths about bedwetting.”

Our solutions would address shoppers’ needs head-on while efficiently educating and encouraging them. That started by simply calling it “bedwetting” instead of the more subtle “night-time dryness”.

Work in Progress

We compiled a shopper playbook to serve as a guide for commercial planning. On a more practical level, we formulated a messaging matrix and used it to maximise the impact of our creative executions. This was a wide-scoped project that let us make use of all our shopper specialties, from research tools to design.


The main goal was to bring more shoppers into the category, and position the brand as the leader in it. The numbers prove that parents were buying into the messaging, with DryNites® growing 2% after only one quarter.

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