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Sex is great. Not only is it fun, it lets you experience freely and explore the real you. Of course, there are also a lot of things that can get between you and great sex. However, two of the major culprits, health concerns and pregnancy scares, are easy to avoid. Durex has always been there to protect people from them and let them get it on.

Why, then, are so many young people still not opting for safe and satisfying sex? This question lay at the heart of the shopper challenge we were trying to solve.  

The answer, in its purest form, was this:

“Women think asking their partner to use a condom is a huge turn-off.”

This juicy insight came courtesy of candid conversations Durex had with a group of young men and women. What they revealed out of earshot of each other was very exciting. It also dispelled many myths.

From here, we realised that before we could talk to shoppers about Durex, we would have to have an honest talk with them about sex. We would change perceptions about the category and drive changes in behaviour.

“We would show shoppers how safe could mean sexy too.”

More specifically, we would give women the confidence to go for condoms. To do so, we would have to translate Durex’s inspirational messages into a language that worked in a retail environment.  

Work in Progress

The most crucial challenge we faced was dealing with such a sensitive subject in a highly visible store setting. We would need to combine a family-friendly tone with an exciting execution that triggered the right shopper response.

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