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Follow the Shopper, Find the Right Answer


What it is

You can’t create the solution if you don’t know the problem. All too often, good investment (and good thinking) goes to waste due to bad strategy. Complicated models, unnecessary details and assumptions often make a weak proposition seem like a sound decision, and steer brands away from the heart of the matter. Multiplan, our shopper planning tool, focuses on the most important element of shopper marketing – shoppers themselves. It looks at the shopper’s journey on the path to purchase and analyses the issues that actually affect brand choice at each different stage. 

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Modular approach

Multiplan breaks down the planning process into stages of the shopper journey. This way, we get a clear picture of what needs to be done in each of them, and pick the ones that are relevant to your goals. 

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Barrier breaker

Great product, but no one’s buying. Why? It’s an uncomfortable question, but a necessary one. Multiplan addresses all potential issues ranging from practical to emotional that might prevent a shopper from purchase.

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Customised journeys

No two consumer journeys are the same. Neither are the requirements of different brands and categories. So why should their planning process be the same? Multiplan takes a customised approach to maximising your brand’s potential at every stage. 


How Multiplan Works

It’s key to have a clear understanding of something before investing in it. To show you what to expect from Multiplan, here’s a step-by-step look at its inner workings. 



Each brand and category has a different shopper journey. Taking that into account, we start with a full review each of the steps to purchase. This lets us refine and understand all the factors that might influence and change shopper behaviour before, after and during purchase. 



After pinpointing the barriers to purchase, we identify their impact on the all-important first moment of truth (first contact with the product). We then use our findings to start planning potential solutions.



We analyse each step of the shopper journey in relation to these barriers. How frequently are they encountered? How strong is their impact? Depending on the answers, we assign them a priority rating. This allows to focus on the more influential stages, and locate the media we can use to maximise engagement.



The best strategy won’t accomplish anything if it’s not communicated well. We vary our messaging to fit the various touch points, in terms of what the medium offers and what shoppers expect. For instance, a print ad is best used to raise awareness, whereas a fixture calls for a clear call to action. 

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