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Map out the Media, Maximise Success


What it is

More for your money is more important than ever. Advanced metrics and measurables, spurred on by the world of digital, have put pressure on budgets to perform at their peak. This is especially true in the world of shopper and FMCG. However, this focus on quantitative has also led to lots of confusing numbers and complicated models. That’s why we created Multipoint – a bespoke media planning tool that optimises shopper media at every touchpoint by analysing reach, effectiveness and cost.

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Measurable & Accountable

The digital data driven revolution has pushed everyone to make very sure that their numbers add up. That’s a good thing. Multipoint operates on zero assumptions, abstract theories, and produces insights whose success can be measured.  

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Trusted sources

Multipoint, in addition to its own data, uses internationally trusted sources of information such as TGI and POPAI


How Multipoint Works

Measurability equals transparency. Since we value both, we think it’s only fair you get to see a step-by-step look at how Multipoint works. 



We have our own database of retailer media costs and footfall figures for all major multiples. This means we can start our work well informed with detailed data. 



Using data from POPAI, a highly trusted shopper organisation, we build an index that represents what kind of effect different retailer media has on shopper purchase behaviour. 



We use both our data and the POPAI index to cross reference with your audience profile, TGI index data for each media touchpoint, and category traffic estimate. Through this we can find the right media for each retailer and identify the most cost effective and engaging touch point for that specific audience and category.



At this stage, we measure the impact of each type of media on the target audience. As a result, we can accurately compare effectiveness, and score each touch point to reinforce the overarching strategy.

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