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First Impressions

What's it like being a newbie at Multiply?
Kirsty Cameron

It’s the last day in May… how did that happen?! It’s a cliché, but time seems to speed up with every year that passes. This year has been no exception, with a raft of new business wins, we bolstered our family with a few new faces.

We pride ourselves on our culture. Everyone is welcomed into Multiply as equals, regardless of job title, but don't take our word for it... Our Summer party is just around the corner, so we decided to check in with a few new faces to see how their first few months have been and what they think of Multiply.


"I find Multiply a progressive, inclusive and inspiring place to work. Everyone here is a listener and that’s great for bouncing ideas off one another. 

I’ve really enjoyed working on Highland Spring recently. We’ve been creating and building a brand activation experience for train stations around Britain using VR, video and other media. It’s been great to be involved throughout the project; from shooting waterfall footage in the Ochil hills to seeing the whole thing coming together in the test build phase, and then seeing lots of commuters enjoy the activation. 

On this vein, I’ve particularly liked working on projects that have a real social or ecological impact. I’ve enjoyed seeing our success with Cyrenians towards stopping homelessness, and the work we’ve done with Riverford in getting more folk to change their behaviour when it comes to food."

Adam Copeland


“Throughout university I always had the fear I was only ever good at the theory side of business, but since starting at Multiply I have developed SO many new skills in such a fun, encouraging environment. And working with Mark and James is a daily live-show of the Chuckle Brothers, constant laughs, so there’s that.”

Alicia Carroll


“It’s a very good place to work. The people are super nice and I feel very lucky to have gotten a job here! I’m leaving in August as I’m going to University to study Marketing, and while I'm looking forward to it, I'm going to miss the guys a lot.”

Melvin Muturi


“The fact that everyone sings ‘Happy Birthday’ (even to the noobs) and relaxes in the garden when it’s warm is a cool sign of people who don’t just work together. They genuinely enjoy each other’s company.”

Tim Johnson


“My first impression of Multiply is one of positivity which radiates through the entire building and is reflected in the staff which make up the agency. The line ‘one team, one dream’ is cheesy but it suits the Multiply goal I think.”

Maddy Swift

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