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We’re Multiply; a marketing communications agency with 3 core specialisms in brand, digital and shopper marketing. Our philosophy can be distilled into one simple formula; insight x creativity = impact. Using our proprietary tools, we blend insight with creativity to build intelligent campaigns that deliver measurable impact. We call this the Multiplier Effect and it's about delivering a positive ROI or put simply, getting out more than you put in. 


WhatWe Do

Combine elements. Get the right reaction

All successes start with an “a-ha!” moment. That’s why we start by digging up an actionable insight. Then we turn it into a solution in one of these three disciplines:


What WeAlso Do

Take Standard. Then Take it Further.

Sometimes you need more than business as usual. These stand-out, Multiply-only offerings boost your results through brand new ideas, insights and processes. 


Who We Work With

Great clients = great work

From international icons to local powerhouses, we partner up with many amazing brands. Here are a few examples:

Whenever there’s a drinking occasion, we help Scotland’s favourite lager quench your thirst through promotions, print ads, packaging, and unique glassware.

From digital activations to shopper experience, we bring innovation and tasty solutions to the table, promoting new tastes across the food industry.

We capture and deliver the delicious and wonderful spirit of Glenmorangie across social, digital, and print campaigns.

Working with the Irn-Bru shopper team, we’ve created ROS driving promotions across a range of brand variants. We supported the whole process from concepting through to fulfilment.

We create brand experiences and shopper marketing strategies for the leading UK ethical bottled water brand.

We take care of the strategic shopper marketing and creative concepts for a host of family-favourites including Johnsons Baby, Aveeno, Nicorette and Listerine.

Loch Lomond Group.

We work with Loch Lomond Group, delivering shopper, consumer and experiential activations, to engage and educate consumers, in bar, in store and at the respective brand homes.


We work across trade marketing delivering creative and production for liquid to lips consumer facing activations.

We work across trade marketing delivering creative and production for liquid to lips consumer facing activations. 


Facing a number of category challenges, Multiply worked with Tropicana and its retail partners to help develop differentiated, retail initiatives to secure consumer interest at fixture.

Dollar Academy

Dollar Academy is a leading independent day and boarding school in Perthshire, Scotland. Multiply support the school through digital communications, website and online presence.


From ideation workshops to brand, digital and PR support, events and OOH, we definitely don’t sleep on the job when it comes to Sleepeezee.


How WeDo It

There’s no task too difficult if you know how to tackle it properly. That’s why we follow a crystal clear process, one that lets us break everything down to basics and build something great, step by step.


WhoDoes it

The Right People for the Right Solution

Of course, nothing would be possible without a team comprised of all the right components. We have a diverse group of talent, from programmers to planners, from designers to digital producers, to interpret, inspire, innovate and imagine for you and your brand.

The senior team of Multiply, listed below, would love to answer your questions, talk about their specialisms, and sing the praises of their respective departments.

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