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Kirsty Cameron

International Women's Day


As I write this, my boyfriend is doing the dishes. Ironic? I don’t think so.

2018 is the year of the female and why not after so many years in the shadows? Hell, women had to sacrifice themselves to get the opportunity to vote (with strict rules in the beginning; be over 30, own property or vote in a University constituency) in a democratic election.

Those who’ve suffered sexual abuse have been named Time Magazine’s ‘People of the Year’ and we are conflicted (not to mention ‘Times Up’ and ‘#metoo’). We’re proud of those who’ve had the courage to speak up and support those who’ve had to put up with such awful actions. However, we’d rather that none of this had happened.

We’re proud to support strong women (and everyone else) at Multiply. Gender shouldn’t play a part in what you’re capable of. Talent is everything, genitals are (or should be) irrelevant.

Happy International Women’s Day – this isn’t about just celebrating women. It’s about celebrating everyone who treats everyone equally. Because that’s what life is all about – you can learn from everyone.


“Women make up 66% of our senior team at Multiply. Our Creative Director is a woman, our Business Manager is a woman & Head of Digital is a woman. I’m saddened that in 2018 this is still a rarity in marketing but proud that our company is truly gender neutral.”

Kate Fenton, Founding Partner


“The overall gender split in marketing and advertising might be fairly equal these days, but there is still a disparity when it comes to some key areas. At many of the digital and technology events I’ve been to female speakers and senior delegates have been in a minority. I recognise that this is in part down to the number of women who currently work within some fields of the industry, but unfortunately male bias still plays a part too.

Diversity, in all its forms, is vital to building a modern workforce that cultivates innovation and because of initiatives such as the Women in Technology movement I look forward to witnessing further equality over time. We need talented women in visible positions to inspire others and it’s important that their voices are heard – and not because they’re women, but because they’re recognised in the same way as any other industry leader or expert.”

Rachael Lindsay, Senior Digital Producer


“As the song says ‘It’s a Man’s World’. In my early career that most certainly was the case. I started my career in the world of Branch Banking where females were definitely considered ‘second place’ to men, a woman Bank Manager was not a consideration, that was a man’s job! However, fast forward a number of years and with changing times, I spent 10 years of my Banking career as a Manager. I now have the great pleasure of holding the position of Business Manager at Multiply and have for the last 11 years. I swapped the banking world for the Marketing world - who would have thought it?! Quite a contrast! However, my skills learned in my banking career have served me well in my ‘new’ career. Being a Business Manager is not a hundred miles away from being a Bank Manager, it’s like managing a big family home and its inhabitants. A ‘hat’ I am proud to wear.”

Liz Neilson, Business Manager


“The majority of clients, past and present, that I have worked with have had a very female led management structure which always makes me feel very proud! I personally have never come up against any kind of issue in relation to projects I have worked on or jobs I have been in due to being a woman. I guess I count myself lucky in that respect but I think I also work in a very heavily female weighted sector.

One thing that has always surprised me is the sway of questions I have been asked in interviews. Especially more recently - when I was job hunting and eventually landed my role with Multiply. I have predominantly found myself being interviewed by men and I have always been amazed at the sort of things they might ask, based on me being a women of a certain age (30 or thereabouts). There is a very clear view to figuring you out in an interview, not based on your capabilities but on what life stage you are at.

During the two months I was job hunting I was super aware of not mentioning my living situation. I have heard horror stories from friends who have got engaged and not worn their ring to work for fear of being passed over on projects and one friend who didn’t announce her pregnancy until a very late stage as she had recently been given a promotion.”

Gemma Decent, Account Manager


“As a woman in marketing and research I sometimes catch myself with thoughts of self-doubt – can I really do this? However, being surrounded by inspiring creative thinkers and strategic planners day in and out who believe in me and my ideas is all I need to overcome those feelings of self-doubt – ready and excited to tackle the next challenge full-heartedly!”

Petra Crocker, Research and Insight Manager


“Being a woman in marketing isn’t without its’ challenges. Particularly working in the world of whisky and beer. I can’t count on my fingers (I only have ten) how many times I’ve been faced with a patronising question or confused glare from a (mostly older) gentleman when presenting a whisky tasting. You know what though, that only fuelled the desire to show them what I knew, and I thank them in a way, because I know a hell of a lot more (about myself, whisky and beer) now. I can’t claim to be a perfect feminist. I didn’t fight back when clients told me he/she didn’t want to use a girl for sampling because she wasn’t slim/beautiful enough, and I’ve laughed (nervously) more than a few times when someone’s said something inappropriate to me.

Multiply is a fantastic place to work. EVERYONE has an equal voice, regardless of gender or level. I believe it’s what makes us special. You don’t walk in with a chip on your gender related shoulder.”

Kirsty Cameron, Brand Development Director




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