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Anna Wilson




Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is James, I come from a small village in West Lothian called Stoneyburn, I’m married to my lovely wife Emma who I have been with for 10 years (which makes me feel old). I have been at Multiply for 7 years almost to the day, starting as an Account Executive and now working as Insight and Innovation Director. I love my job and the people I work with as every day is different. We work on a lot of different projects and as part of my role I’m always looking at ways to find the big ideas that will make our clients happy. The best thing about Multiply is the people – it’s a good bunch of people who work hard and are up for a good laugh at the same time.



Did you always want to work in marketing? What other jobs have you had throughout the years?

Nope. I literally picked to do a marketing course by dropping my finger blindly into a UCAS book. Even through the 4 years I studied I didn’t want to work in marketing, in truth I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I just knew I wanted to do something I’d enjoy –when I left uni I wanted a job sitting on beanbags coming up with great ideas all day for cool international clients. It took a while to get into an agency as nobody wanted to hire a graduate so I went into advertising sales for a number of different magazines,  including, wait for it… a commercial fishing magazine! I worked my way through sales to media buying/ planning and then to creative agency life. In the past I have also done anything from making contact lenses, working in a call centre, lifting computers at the end of a production line, selling shoes, pulling pints, pretending to be a DJ and beating up shopping centre mascots.



What has been your favourite piece of work to work on in the past?

When I worked in account handling I worked on a project for Stolichnaya vodka. What an account! I got to play bowls on a rooftop in Dalston to drinking limited edition vodka in The Ivy. One particular project I loved was the Stoli Originals 24:4 short film we created. It was shot film by a really cool BAFTA winning director and followed a day in the lives of 4 crowd sourced original people who lived their life differently. From a contortionist who escaped from the circus to an Afghan war vet who was competing for the Masters boxing world championships. We premiered the film at Sundance and I got a real buzz from seeing my name in the credits.  



If you could give some advice to anyone starting in this industry what would it be?

Be yourself, there are too many people trying to be someone else. If you follow who you are and live true to your values and personality you will do well. Always listen to others but remember to voice your opinion too, you never know if what you say leads to the answer. For me ideas can come from anyone, anywhere. You don’t need a job title or 4 years at art college to be creative -everyone can be creative. Also perhaps a lesson I learned is that if you can’t see a direct route to where you want to be then find another path that will get you to your beanbags and ideas.



What’s your mantra?

Be Sound



What 3 words describe you?

Joker, Imaginative, Ginger



What do you like to do outside of work?

I’m a football fan who’s slowly losing interest in the game. Too much money and grown men acting like babies. I do however enjoy Tuesday fives but I am really terrible. My real passion is Mixed Martial Arts. I have been around the sport since about 2006 and met some awesome friends through it. I don’t really train much these days but still dip my toe into a lot of different things for a few guys leading the way in Scotland. Besides that I like to chillout when I’m home, gaming, nights out and family/ friends are my main activities.



Who would be at your dinner party past or present?

Conor McGregor – the champ champ, love how he has given MMA mainstream status – we could talk MMA, Celtic and Ireland, hopefully he left at the end of the night as I wouldn’t fancy trying to throw him out.

Billy Connolly – Love the big yin, could tell us stories and jokes. Hopefully he brings his banjo.

Roy Keane – My favourite footballer of all time – tough tackling, no nonsense player. We would have a kickabout in the back garden, would need to dig out my pair of shinnies.

Jesus – I’d bring the water, he could make the wine. I’d grill him for hours.

Sofia Vergara – The room might get a wee bit too macho so I’d have Sofia to keep everyone in line.



Tell us a joke?

I’ve actually started writing some jokes but they are both terrible and highly offensive so I will play safe.

"I used to be in a band called Second Hand Punchbag – we had lots of hits."

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