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Anna Wilson



Tell us a bit about yourself? 

Been designing and creating for over 10 years (Eeck!) but had a colouring book and pencils for a little longer than that! Love the smell of a freshly printed book and will walk anyones dog who is willing to lend me it!


Did you always want to work in marketing? What other jobs have you had throughout the years? 

Wanted to be a doctor when I was younger but I tend to get queasy and pass out when around blood so probably not the best career choice! Next option was something arty and that stuck. Glad it did!


What has been your favourite piece of work to work on in the past? 

Professionally theres been a few highlights but my favourite project to date was illustrating a tattoo for my brother. For someone to permanently mark themselves with something I've created is pretty awesome.


If you could give some advice to anyone starting in this industry what would it be? 

Be a sponge! Ask and try anything and everything and see what appeals to you.


What’s your mantra? 

Whats the worst that can happen?


What 3 words describe you? 

Weird and wonderful


What do you like to do outside of work? 

Hanging out with my friends putting the world to right over a glass of wine. Travelling to see the world and other cultures. Sitting in my 'lounge wear' (not jammies!!) with a pad and pencil and drawing anything odd that pops into my head. 


Who would be at your dinner party past or present?

Marylin Monroe! Find out what really happened.


Tell us a joke? 

Bear walks into a bar and asks for a gin……………………and tonic. The barman asks ‘why the big paws?'

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