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Heinz Soup



Fact: Soup is great.

However, it’s something we’ve started to take for granted. It’s all but forgotten until winter’s around the corner, or until we catch a cold. So while Heinz Soup is still a national favourite of work lunches, cosy evenings and lazy weekends, there’s not much conversation around it.

Our job was to reignite the nation’s passion for soup by translating the ATL “LoveSoup” campaign and warm up the hearts of millions on social media.

Our mission was to get people to look at soup from a different perspective – not just as something seasonal.

“We would use #LoveSoup to remind everyone of the moments and memories that make soup special.”

Not only did this help us create highly relevant content, it also channelled all the positive emotions and the nostalgia associated with this heritage product. We gave our audience a voice by encouraging them to engage and share their stories via #LoveSoup, leading to one big user-generated love-fest for the UK’s favourite soup.


There were three main elements to this campaign – adopting a new strategy focused on real life and real occasions, creating content that’s fresh and in line with the ATL campaign, and involving our audience in a major way.

The Finale

There was even more love for Heinz Soup than we expected. The campaign re-framed canned soup consumption in consumers’ minds, all while keeping the great sentiment about it intact (as evident in the 98% page sentiment). Our content reached over 22 million people on Facebook alone, and really connected with the people it reached. Average campaign engagement rate reached a Heinz UK high of 6.5%.


6.5 per cent average campaign engagement
Images that appeared in social posts on Facebook

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