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Giving existing content a bold new twist


A major retail bank invited Multiply to visualise and develop a modern, innovative learning model for managers that would make full use of existing resources held throughout the organisation. 

In many instances the existing material was comprehensive and effective, but it was difficult to locate at the point of need and learners weren’t always aware of its relevance.  A lot of tutorial style learning was also being delivered via traditional face to face workshops, which replicated much of the available digital material.

As a result, there was a desire to move towards a more modern approach with the bulk of the learning easily accessible online, as and when required. 

The challenge then was multi-faceted. We were to review the variety of content already in existence and deliver a modern learning intervention that would collate, streamline and improve the learning, while also providing a context for new or inexperienced managers (i.e. a recommended pathway through the content).

What we did

Our solution involved us working closely with our client across three key stages of development.

Digital learning resources available in all environments

The outcome

The end result was a modern, flexible templated learning solution that was not only affordable, scalable and made full use of the existing material and technical infrastructure, but was also a perfect fit for our client’s work culture.

At the end of the initial rollout period, feedback polls showed that over 65% of users rated the quality of the material/content as very good or excellent, while over 92% of users rated as either good, very good or excellent.

Responsive design shown on various devices

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