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Reinventing regulatory learning



Mandatory training has a poor reputation in the financial industry. The subject matter can be seen as dry and there is often a lack of engagement or enthusiasm about the learning. In short, it tends to be perceived as something that simply has to be done and can then be forgotten. 

One of our clients, a major retail bank, was keen to break this mould and create an engaging learning experience that better reflected the vital nature of the subject matter to individuals’ roles, while enhancing the reputation of the bank.

Our task was to lead a dramatic revamp of the bank’s mandatory training provision to better reflect modern trends and support use on employees’ own devices. 

What we did

Taking a mobile first approach, we decided to challenge expectations and deliver content in a new and surprising way ...

Engaging learning on the move, tablet and mobile view


Early feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with users delighted at the new look and learning approach.

Responsive design shown on various devices

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