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David Bradley-Bird

Multiply Agency’s AI learning tool, Brainbox, was recently launched at a Vitality sales conference at London’s O2 arena.

The AI learning tool encourages active recall learning to unpack the potential of professional teams. Vitality, a UK based health, life, and car insurance and investments company, is utilising the tool across its entire sales force to further enhance product knowledge.

Karl Hewstone, Director, Sales & Adviser Development at Vitality commented: “We are always looking for ways to support our teams’ learning and development which is why we are particularly excited to roll out Brainbox to our sales and customer support teams. The AI learning tool enables a personalised approach to learning and the tool’s active recall learning is a great way for our people to reinforce their product knowledge without being too arduous on their time. As we fully embed the tool, I am excited to see how it enhances and strengthens our highly rated sales force”.

Brainbox has been designed and developed by Multiply. The tool aims to revolutionise the knowledge of individuals within their field by empowering and building confidence through learning. By delivering on-the-go micro knowledge tests, Brainbox can interact with people where and when it suits them. Using rich data and a scientifically backed learning approach that generates instant feedback, the tool is widely recommended with 92% of users finding it easy to use.

For organisations like Vitality, Brainbox enhances their learning and development strategies by immediately identifying knowledge gaps using sophisticated management information. The fully personalised tool lets users choose which days and times to receive their tests and allows time to pause during holidays. The tailored multiple-choice questions on specified topics can be changed to support business needs and instant feedback is then provided, highlighting the individual’s incorrect answers. More questions on this topic are presented next time to help them improve on weaker areas. Users can also track scores from Bronze to Gold and Brainbox’s comprehensive MI lets managers target training needs based on topic and location.

The sophisticated management information functionality allows Vitality to identify strengths and development areas, both across teams as well as for individuals, allowing for personalised and targeted development programmes to be implemented. It also enables the training team to quickly assess the effectiveness of training and development sessions.

Multiply is delighted to be supporting Vitality with Brainbox. Great product knowledge leads to fantastic customer service and ultimately sales. With Vitality’s constant strive for innovation and product development, it makes Brainbox a critical tool within their business and sales process.

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