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Designosaur Augmented Reality

Andrew Murchie

Bringing Dinosaurs to life for Dynamic Earth.


The resurgence of Augmented or Mixed Reality as the viewing & tracking technologies go from strength to strength has lead to predictions of the potential of the AR/MR marketplace way exceeding that of Virtual Reality. One only has to consider the scale of the Pokemon Go phenomenon to understand the potential of the right kind of AR; project that forward to wearable “heads up displays” from the likes of Microsoft and Magic Leap and the potential world of wearable interactive holograms becomes all too apparent.

Augmented Reality in the marketing sphere has of course existed for quite some time, with brands packaging typically being used as a trigger which would float a “relevant” 3D objects or videos in space over the target. This in itself is fun, we used this for our “holographic” business cards, but considering the effort and budgets required it often delivers very limited purpose beyond a quick glimpse.

So when challenged by Dynamic Earth to deliver an augmented reality experience that engaged, educated and entertained their target audience we felt we needed more than a floating asteroid model on your mobile phone to meet the brief.

And so “DESIGNOSAUR” was born. A fully animated, photo-realistic, interactive “design a dinosaur” experience taking the user through the process of designing their dinosaur with educational prompts throughout, having their photograph taken with their virtual creation at full scale and then offering the option to share their image on social media. Multiply’s digital innovations lab developed the multifaceted augmented reality system alongside Dynamic Earth’s in-house team who provided themed staging plus a little drama providing an interactive user experience that most definitely engaged, educated and entertained both young and old.

Multiply has been delivering Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions for over 5 years for brands and businesses including Kimberly-Clark, Kraft-Heinz, C&C Group and now Our Dynamic Earth. Emerging technologies and advanced imaging systems are core offerings within our Digital Innovations Lab.

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