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We’re Multiply; a marketing communications agency with 3 core specialisms in brand, digital and shopper marketing. Our philosophy can be distilled into one simple formula; insight x creativity = impact. Using our proprietary tools, we blend insight with creativity to build intelligent campaigns that deliver measurable impact. We call this the Multiplier Effect and it's about delivering a positive ROI or put simply, getting out more than you put in. 


WhatWe Do

Combine elements. Get the right reaction

All successes start with an “a-ha!” moment. That’s we why start by digging up an actionable insight. Then we turn it into a solution in one of these three disciplines:


What WeAlso Do

Take Standard. Then Take it Further.

Sometimes you need more than business as usual. These stand-out, Multiply-only offerings boost your results through brand new ideas, insights and processes. 


We blend our marketing and communication skills with sound learning methodology to create rich and effective learning experiences.

Discover Learning

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Mind’s Eye

Our bespoke insight tool, reaching 500k UK and 20k Scottish consumers, uses real-time feedback from your target audience to create actionable insights.

Discover Mind's Eye

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We organise workshops that combine the academic, the practical and the fun to stimulate creative thinking to help you innovate and plan for the future.

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Shopper Tools

From comprehensive analysis of the key shopper touch points to evaluating which individual retailer media will drive ROI, there’s a science to shopper marketing and we’ve got the tools to prove it.

Discover our shopper tools


How WeDo It

There’s no task too difficult if you know how to tackle it properly. That’s why we follow a crystal clear process, one that lets us break everything down to basics and build something great, step by step.


WhoDoes it

The Right People for the Right Solution

Of course, nothing would be possible without a team comprised of all the right components. We have a diverse group of talent, from programmers to planners, from designers to digital producers, to interpret, inspire, innovate and imagine for you and your brand.

The senior team of Multiply, listed below, would love to answer your questions, talk about their specialisms, and sing the praises of their respective departments.


What's Happening

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